Kate McLeod

Kate spent almost two years developing Body Stones – natural, simple, and in her kitchen. She learned that cocoa butter is an incredible natural preservative (hence no mouldy chocolate) and that moisturisers don’t need added preservatives, synthetics, or other chemicals. The brand is completely plant based, packaged in sustainably farmed, re-usable bamboo canisters. And the products are truly beautiful !

Each stone is made with 5 core ingredients

COCOA BUTTER – Rich in polyphenol and flavanoid antioxidants, cocoa butter helps combat cell damage, healing and soothing all skin types

SWEET ALMOND OIL – Packed with vitamins A, B, E, K, and zinc, sweet almond oil acts as a natural remedy for eczema

APRICOT KERNEL OIL – Rich in essential fatty acids known for smoothing and improving skin’s texture

AVOCADO OIL – This deeply nourishing emollient absorbs more slowly than our other base oils but drenches your skin in thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamins A and D

FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL – A feather light emollient that softens and hydrates dry skin without the grease

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