SALT & STONE is a Los Angeles based brand founded in 2017 by Nima Jalali. As a former professional snowboarder, Nima travelled the world experiencing a broad range of outdoor environments and conditions. Spending long periods exposed to the elements led to understanding their effects on the skin and body and instilled the importance of protection. During his career, as he struggled with a series of injuries, Nima discovered that a natural approach in his diet and lifestyle optimised his recovery and performance. His personal demand for products (like chemical-free sunscreens and aluminium-free deodorants) that aligned with his natural lifestyle became a catalyst for the inception of SALT & STONE. The collection is formulated for all skin types, environmental conditions, and physical activities to support movement for wellbeing. The formulas underscore skin health in harmony with nature.

From head to toe, the products work to make a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing. Whether it is the 48-hour protection Formula No 1 Deodorant that encourages an extra hour on the tennis court, or the Spirulina + Squalane facial cream that gently rejuvenates skin after an afternoon surf — SALT & STONE products are peace of mind for the active body.

Their formulas underscore skin health in harmony with nature. To honour nature, they consider our relationship to the planet in every stage of their business and are committed to leaving no trace of their products or brand in the environment.

Recyclable packaging is just table stakes – they incorporate up-cycled ocean plastics and other recycled, biodegradable materials in their containers. They use Eco Smart technology, which is biodegradable in days, not decades. Lastly, all products are manufactured by renewable solar and hydroelectric energy