As an online retailer, it is so important that we operate as transparently as possible in everything we do. We want our customers to be able to purchase our products confidently, knowing that our values guide all of our polices and practices across our whole business. Sustainability is difficult in a world where we are bombarded with a social media full of consumerism, tempting us to buy, buy, buy. But we can all play a part, no matter how small, towards the preservation of our planet and the elimination of  inhumane working practices by putting a little thought into our purchases.

What is clean beauty and why is it important?

We have all heard the phrase ‘clean beauty’  it’s very popular, but what does it actually mean? This is a minefield when there is no legal definition and only a subjective answer. Here at Lulu Orry, ‘Clean’ is defined as products which are mindfully created and manufactured with ingredients (both natural and synthetic) that are without any proven or suspected toxicity. Each brand must be able to identify their supply chain ensuring that ingredients are ethically sourced as well as being  able to demonstrate sustainable manufacturing processes with minimal environmental impact and finally, sustainable packaging. Natural doesn’t always mean good for us and good for the environment and green washing (the practice of making misleading claims about the environmental benefits of a product) are rife and something to be extremely aware of.

Our Values


We expect our suppliers to be leaders in the ethical beauty space and operate a fair and transparent supply chain from source to skin. We only work with brands who ensure workers rights, diversity, inclusion and equality are safeguarded and have put into place safe working conditions and treat their employees with respect. We actively seek brands who work with Fair-trade producers where opportunities are created for local communities and people can earn a decent living wage thus improving their livelihoods and living conditions. Some of our brands, through their work with local cooperatives contribute to wonderful initiatives which provide education (especially for women), life skills and business training.



We believe that less is more and consumption should be based on quality not quantity.

The environment should be a key consideration for every organisation. Business can be a great platform for change and encourage employees, communities and future generations in taking action to help make a more sustainable climate. Businesses need to prepare for their future under the context of the new normal. Ultimately, what this means is figuring out how to not just replace what was there before but to take time to use innovative technologies to build a better future that respects the environment and the future of the planet and these are the brands we search for. Nobody is perfect but we should all be trying to improve the impact of our consumerism, have honest conversations and demand transparency.