Kitsch Shampoo Brush and Scalp Exfoliator


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This scalp exfoliator is fantastic for not only cleaning your hair but also giving a gentle exfoliation to your scalp, therefore removing any build-up of dirt and impurities. This can include dead skin cells, old hair products and general natural hair oils. Removing these promotes new hair growth by making way for new hair follicles.

In addition, when you use circular motions on the scalp with the brush, it brings the blood to the roots of the hair, promoting healthy circulation. The perfect time to use this tool is when you are washing your hair, as it works well with conditioning products.

It is more efficient than fingers when it comes to cleaning all of your hair and also doubles up as a handy brush, great for detangling knotty hair.

  • Soft, flexible bristles for a gentle scalp massage
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Great for distributing shampoo or styling products through hair
  • Suitable for most hair types & textures


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Apply your  shampoo, oil, mask treatments or whatever you prefer.

Hold the scalp exfoliator in your palm by putting your hand through the opening.

Using circular motions, massage the scalp, gently apply a medium amount of pressure.

Brush hair through using the bristles.

Can be used on dry or wet hair, with or without products

Made from 100% recycled PE