The statistics are horrifying. More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually around the world and the beauty industry is responsible for approximately 120 billion cosmetic packages each year. You may think that as an individual it’s hard to make a difference, but you can! The more consumers demand brands to be transparent with their supply chains and manufacturing processes, the more brands will have to comply. You have the power to make a difference and that power is your purse and your choice. Your purchasing decisions are vitally important.

Do you want to make smarter consumer choices but don’t know where to start? You like a product or a brand but you’re unclear whether the ingredients (either synthetic or natural) are good for your body or good for the environment? Do you know if their packaging is recyclable? Where do they source their ingredients and what is the impact of their manufacturing both on our society and on our planet? If a brand claims to be organic what does this really mean (did you know that only 10% of the ingredients in a product need to be organic in order to make that claim?) Greenwashing is rife in the beauty industry.

The environment should be a key consideration for every organisation. Business can be a great platform for change and encourage employees, communities and future generations in taking action to help make a more sustainable climate. Businesses need to prepare for their future under the context of the new normal. Ultimately, what this means is figuring out how to not just replace what was there before but to take time to use innovative technologies to build a better future that respects the environment and the future of the planet, and these are the brands we search for. Nobody is perfect but we should all be trying to improve the impact of our consumerism, have honest conversations and demand transparency.


Our selection criteria is strict. It’s not just about the ingredients being ‘clean’. We consider production methods, the integrity in ingredient’s sourcing, how ethically products are manufactured, the packaging they come in – our brand partners must demonstrate sustainable practices for the environment and use packaging that is as reusable and recyclable as possible. You will see that each product has an ‘end of life’ tab which explains how the packaging can be recycled once it is finished. We can’t be 100% plastic free as some parts, like pumps on cleansers don’t have efficient alternatives. Where plastic is being used, the brands are working hard to find suitable alternatives.

Our own delivery boxes are 100% recyclable as is the tissue paper which is printed with soy ink and the black zigzag box fill is biodegradable and recyclable and made from 100% UK recycled paper. You won’t find a hard copy of your invoice in your package (we don’t want to use paper when we don’t have to!!) this will be emailed to you instead. We will constantly strive to improve our carbon footprint.

Gone are the days where consumers had to compromise on either the quality of beauty products or the way they are produced. It is possible to create amazing skincare and makeup without putting a strain on our planet. We are constantly discovering brands from around the world and bringing them straight to you!